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"A lifestyle brand that delves into much more than your body, but your mind and the way that you live."

My name is Samuel Gozo; Speaker, Fitness Trainer & Lifestyle Empowerment Coach


On the night of the 27th and morning of the 28th of February of the year 2016, AniMode Empire was founded on a night where I realized that overall human brokenness and lethargy have infiltrated our conscious unbeknownst to many of us. Complacency has become an autonomous default for many of us, and it leads to lives devoid of purpose, passion and fulfillment.  My vision and mission in this company is to lead a lifestyle brand where people can learn to take a stand against and CRUSH the broken places in their lives, shed light into hopeless situations, simultaneously strengthen their minds and bodies, and live truly fulfilled lives that don't fall in line with stagnancy and defeatism.

It's my sincere hope that everyone here finds something that can be enriched from.

Go AniMode.



The audio blog piece of AniMode. Nuggets to get you through your daily life will be posted here weekly. Also a resource for anyone in search of life coaching.

The ever unconventional, functional and highly effective personal training program I've created with unlocking my client's fullest potential in mind. Those looking for no BS, challenge and fun fitness would benefit greatly here.

Need a few workouts to supercharge your own program? Are you a live or an online client needing a resource? This is for you.

Because it wouldn't be a brand without tangible merchandise, right?!


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