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With 7 years guiding individuals and groups in fitness & nutrition both home and abroad, you can be sure you're going in the right direction!



Clients have the option of either live or online training.  Live training is simple and straightforward, yet rigorous and demanding. Each session lasts 45-60 minutes and is specifically tailored to your own fitness goals.

Those who opt for online training will be sent workouts weekly (where all workouts will have a video resource for self- study), and workouts will be no less demanding than live training will.

Every client will be coached through nutrition/lifestyle in order to further expedite their progress. In addition, online clients will have access to an online accountability system that will allow them to log their meals and weekly weight with their trainer.

As an added bonus, all clients will get access to a client-only community group on Facebook, where you’ll see everything the trainer does in depth. Self accountability goes both ways!

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Digital training for those who can’t meet face to face!

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"Workouts with Sam are always professional, informative and fun. He begins on-time with well-prepared and effective workouts and is extremely motivating before, during and after class. Sam holds you accountable not only for proper form during workouts, but also a balanced diet at home. His workouts are unconventional and fun, leaving no room for your body to adjust to "the same ole workout." I highly recommend his services: he will not disappoint!" -Amanda C.

"I honestly cannot complain about any of my workouts with Sam. I mean, I'd love to whine about the muscle burn, the exhaustion and how every five minutes I questioned my sanity for choosing to let him lead me in an hour long workout, but honestly in the end it was all worth it! The best, most thorough workouts I have ever completed have been with Sam. His knowledge, experience and energy are incredible, as well as his friendly personality and passion for helping everyone he trains. He truly wants you to be the best "you" that you can be. So if you can survive using every single muscle (even ones you didn't even realize you had) for a workout full of kick-butt fun, then you will love working with him!" -Cassidey D.

"Samuel's training is dynamic and high-impact. Having experienced and seen the development in his clients, he has, without a doubt, a true command of his craft. I have sought Sam's advice and personal training for my clients numerous times and he has ALWAYS delivered visible, tangible results in those individuals! If you're looking for training that is personalized to YOUR unique needs and goals, there is no one I could recommend more strongly. Sam has a true heart for people and his character is reflected in his business practices: straight-forward, honest, and trustworthy. If you're looking for personal training, nutrition and fitness guidance, and someone to keep you accountable and motivated, Sam is your man!" -Matt W.



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